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Worksop Harriers & AC, founded in 1949, is an athletics club catering for novices and experienced athletes alike. We offer a range of training sessions to cater for all of our members’ requirements, including long runs, short runs, speed work, hill work, track & field sessions, fartlek and cross country. Your training can also be geared towards your specific race goals.

Worksop Harriers & AC is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, registration no. 1188378.

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Wednesday, 10/28/2020
A Return to Training!

We are delighted to say after the hiatus due to Covid we are back to training on Tuesday and Thursday nights! Our initial sessions are going to for current members only but after an initial trial period we will be welcoming new members to come train with us and welcome them with socially-distanced open arms. For the latest information, please contact us through our Facebook channel. simply search for Worksop Harriers Senior Members and drop us a message.

We are starting off simple with a single hills session on Tuesdays and two distance runs on a Thursday of approximately 3 and 6 miles. Whilst things will look different in our COVID secure environment, we have worked hard to keep it as normal as possible so that we can all do our best whilst staying safe. As such, it will need everyone in attendance to stick to the following guide lines and work with us to make sure our sessions go as seamless as possible.

  1. First and foremost, it should go without saying that if you OR anyone within your immediate vicinity (family, friends, work colleagues, etc) is exhibiting ANY signs of illness, do not attend the training session. We are aiming to run a session every week so if you have to miss one there will be another next week. However, you won’t be anyone’s favourite Harrier if you turn up coughing and spreading your germs, as much as we all like to share:)
  2. Runners should arrive ready to run, practice good hygiene at all times, including hand washing pre and post run, no spitting, cover when coughing, etc and are advised to keep hand sanitiser in their transport. No on-site toilet facilities will be available.
  3. Runs will start at 6:10 pm prompt. When arriving, runners must make themselves known to the run leader taking the register and are to maintain social distancing at all times.
  4. Any runners attending session must ensure their contact and medical information is up to date as registered with the club. Any changes to this MUST be communicated to the club secretary
  5. Runners must also maintain the 2 m social distancing when out running. For the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings, we ask this is applied even to members of the same household, support bubble, etc. Runners must also seek to maintain this distance when passing members of the public, especially if passing public groups such as at a bus stop
  6. Specific guidance for the hill sessions:
    1. Runners will start the session in a 5 second rolling start, starting with the approximate fastest runners and descending in speed.
    2. Each hill repetition starts at the bottom of the hill, marked by the end of the cycle lane, runs up the right hand side along the pavement, and ends adjacent to the ‘give way’ road marking between the roundabout and the B&Q security gate. If a runner wishes to complete a shorter hill rep (such as to the bus stop) they must still complete the full rep, and should walk to the end point
    3. Upon completing a rep, runners are go around the round about and descend the hill on the opposite side of the road, crossing the road at the island.
    4. When overtaking on an uphill rep, runners are to step off the pavement and run in the ‘gutter’ to provide adequate distance, giving consideration to any traffic. This also applies when descending. However, runners are discouraged from overtaking on the downhill and should use the opportunity to get a better race ahead of the next repetition.
    5. Runners must at all time give due consideration and follow the Highway Code around any traffic on the hill. Although usually quiet, we must seek to avoid unnecessary conflict. If for example there are people getting out at the bus, runners should consider whether they can pass safely or if they should stop their rep early and walk safely past to the end of the repetition.
  7. Finally, there may be occasions when sessions must be cancelled at short notice due to a lack of run leaders. In order to maintain a covid-secure environment, we require a minimum of ONE run leader per ELEVEN runners (for a group of twelve)

The full guidance can be found here and I would recommend all read it. We appreciate this may seem like their are lots of rules, but trial sessions have been excellent and reminded us how great it is to run with our fellow Harriers. Thank you for reading this and any questions please ask:)Guidance:https://www.dropbox.com/s/5n0eo8dcjhlm7gd/Guidance.docx?dl=0

Tuesday, 04/07/2020
Updated statement on Northern T&F and Covid-19

Further to the previous post regarding the cancellation of the first two Northern T&F Events of 2020, the league has now taken the decision to cancel the season in its entirety. The full statement can be read below. Sorry to any Athletes who had put their hopes of making progress in this this year!


To All Club Contacts

The management committee has been following the current crisis with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. 

Having had communications from both the government and our governing bodies, your league management have come to the conclusion that it would be prudent to cancel all of the matches in the league for 2020..

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly.

  • We have constantly been monitoring government guidelines and communications from our governing bodies.
  • Clubs were asked about this in a recent email and the vast majority of replies were in agreement with the league management committee over this crisis..
  • Schools and colleges are closed until September
  • We have also taken into account our officials. Many are over 70 or have underlying health issues which means they have to self-isolate themselves for at least 12 weeks. This date would take us to mid-June anyway.
  • There are doubts over when stadia will be re-opening
  • Having lost 2 matches already, it is clear that the last two matches needed to be considered.
  • Making this decision means clubs can hopefully cancel any travel arrangements or track bookings without any loss of monies.
  • All league subscription fees will be carried over into 2021.

If the restrictions are removed before the dates of our matches, it will allow some clubs to put on open meetings on those dates, so that athletes have a path back into sport without too much stress being put on them through league competition.

Alan Johnson


North of England Track and Field League

Tuesday, 03/31/2020
Covid-19 Statement and Northern T&F League 2020

For the information of all athletes interested in competing in the T&F League 2020, the current position (as of 31-Mar-2020) is below. We will update when we hear more:

To All main Team Contacts

Following the directive sent out by England Athletics and endorsed by all home countries moving the date for no training or competitions back to May 31st,

the league management have decided that it would be wise to cancel the second round matches due on Sunday June 7th June.

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly.

Having now lost 2 matches already, it is clear that the last two matches now need to be considered.

The management committee believe that at this point we should cancel the whole season as it is obvious that things are not going to improve quickly.

Schools are likely closed until September. Officials over 70 and those with under lying health issues have been told to self isolate for initially 12 weeks.

This would take us to mid-June anyway so officials are likely to be an issue as well.

Once things start improving restrictions are not going to be relaxed en bloc, it will be gradual relaxation of the restrictions.

Stadia I have heard from don’t expect to open until the end of July at the earliest.

If we do cancel the season, then any fees already paid will be carried over into 2021. 

If we do have the last 2 matches, if possible, there would be no promotion and relegation, no division one playoff match and bear in mind the League is likely to be restructured in 2021.

If any clubs have comments to make please direct them back to myself and Terry Bailey

Alan Johnson


NoE T&F League

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