Updated statement on Northern T&F and Covid-19

Further to the previous post regarding the cancellation of the first two Northern T&F Events of 2020, the league has now taken the decision to cancel the season in its entirety. The full statement can be read below. Sorry to any Athletes who had put their hopes of making progress in this this year!


To All Club Contacts

The management committee has been following the current crisis with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely. 

Having had communications from both the government and our governing bodies, your league management have come to the conclusion that it would be prudent to cancel all of the matches in the league for 2020..

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly.

  • We have constantly been monitoring government guidelines and communications from our governing bodies.
  • Clubs were asked about this in a recent email and the vast majority of replies were in agreement with the league management committee over this crisis..
  • Schools and colleges are closed until September
  • We have also taken into account our officials. Many are over 70 or have underlying health issues which means they have to self-isolate themselves for at least 12 weeks. This date would take us to mid-June anyway.
  • There are doubts over when stadia will be re-opening
  • Having lost 2 matches already, it is clear that the last two matches needed to be considered.
  • Making this decision means clubs can hopefully cancel any travel arrangements or track bookings without any loss of monies.
  • All league subscription fees will be carried over into 2021.

If the restrictions are removed before the dates of our matches, it will allow some clubs to put on open meetings on those dates, so that athletes have a path back into sport without too much stress being put on them through league competition.

Alan Johnson


North of England Track and Field League